Halssila in brief

Halssila is a residential area in the city of Jyväskylä. Located about three kilometers northeast of the city center, the area is home to some 5,500 residents.

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Halssilan asukasyhdistys ry

Halssilan Asukasyhdistys ry (the Residents' Association of Halssila) is a not-for-profit organization serving the residents of the area. Founded in 1991, the association has operated continuously with a constantly rotating membership of local residents.

The chairman for 2017 is Mr Juha Sirkka puheenjohtaja@suurhalssila.fi

In 2011 we celebrated the 20th Anniversary! The main event was held in May at Kivistö house. See the event page for many other anniversary events (in Finnish)

Pro Halssila residential librarykansiot_s.jpg

In year 2010 the association assigned a letter to the City Council stating that it does not approve the scheme of reducing the residential public library network. Furthermore, the association is compiling a petition for the sake of preserving the local public library since it is an essential part of the basic municipal services. The library services are extremely important for both young and older residents of Halssila who would have difficulties in getting to the Jyväskylä city library on their own, in case the reduction scenario becomes a reality. Today our library serves the people of the area as a welcoming living room.

One of the frequent library users in Halssila was the author Sofi Oksanen, the winner of the Finlandia Literary prize , the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2010 and the French Prix Femina 2010. In her early years she has spent countless hours in our library gaining substance for her future writing career. We appreciate having the full support of Ms. Oksanen who is willing to contribute to our campaign. The campaign is also supported by The Writers of Central Finland: chairman and poet Ms. Katariina Vuorinen and novelist Mr Keijo Siekkinen.

The public petition books were closed in 25th September 2010 and we got total of 1699 signatures from the people. The petition has been given to the Board of Culture in 19th October 2010.

The City Council of Jyväskylä decided in 26th October 2010 to preserve the library network. The library services and network will be developed in co-operation with the residents of Jyväskylä.

Public libraries were "on table" again in the autumn of 2013. Halssila library will go on but with reduced funds, opening hours and staff.